Tyre Maxxis Minion DHR II 29 x 2.4 Fold 60TPI DH 3C TR

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The Minion DHR 2 is a complete redesign, with acceleration, cornering and braking all improved.

The shoulder knobs were borrowed from the legendary Minion DHF and then beefed up to handle duty as a rear tyre. They are also packed a bit closer together than on the Minion DHF. This helps to disperse the load whilst braking over more knobs, and improve longevity. The centre tread has been heavily ramped and siped to roll fast and track straight under braking. The big, paddle-shaped centre knobs also last remarkably well under hard braking.

Whilst the Minion DHR2 was designed as a rear specific tyre, it works very well on the front too, particularly on harder terrain.