Spring Cane Creek Valt

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Shock 2.75 *450 Lbs

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The performance of your shock is directly related to the quality of your spring. Cane Creek’s VALT springs have been optimised and constructed out of high quality steel. This allows for the same performance and durability you’d expect from a standard steel spring whilst using less material, and as a result, Cane Creek have achieved a lighter weight final product which will save you anywhere from 50 - 200g depending on the spring rate/stroke. If you’re looking to shave some weight off your bike without blowing the bank a VALT spring is a good place to start.

 * VALT spring inner diameter is 36.5mm (1.43in) and fits all Cane Creek, Ohlins, and DVO Coil Shocks, as well as Manitou, Marzocchi, XFusion, ELKA/MRP, BOS, and DSP. Fox Racing coil shocks will also pair with the VALT springs, but require a spring clip adapter.