Fork Token Rockshox Bottomless 35mmx10mm Grey

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Bottoming out too easily? When you’ve gone through the compression and rebound settings and the ride quality is good but you’re either not getting through all the travel or you're bottoming out all the time, that’s when you should start looking at your air volume. RockShox Bottomless Tokens are a genuine and original RockShox part and fit Solo Air forks (Pike, Lyrik, Yari, Pike DJ, BoXXer). Rockshox Bottomless Tokens take up space in the positive air chamber, letting you adjust air volume in about five minutes and allowing you to maintain your fork’s bottomless feel. The Pike can also be made more progressive with 'Bottomless Token' spacers that affix to the air spring cap to reduce the air volume and aid the air spring’s natural ramp up towards the end of the travel. They can be threaded together to allow additional fine tuning. While the same result can be achieved by adding additional oil, it’s a simple, light and fuss-free way for anyone with fairly basic spanner skills to fine-tune the feel of the fork.