Brake Set SRAM Maven Expet Kit | Limited Edition Red Splash

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Every course is different. As conditions change, so does the tuning of your brakes. The fully loaded limited-edition Maven Expert Box is designed to provide riders everything they need to tune their Maven Ultimate brakes for optimal brake performance.

The only way

Edition 1 comes with Expert Box exclusive red splash anodized Maven calipers that set the brakes apart from the rest of the collection. Paired to the titanium equipped Maven Ultimate levers, these are an unmatched expression of power.

Four rotors

With Maven, we suggest starting with the smallest rotors your bike and fork will allow and tune up from there. The Expert Box includes 1x 180mm, 2x 200mm and 1x 220mm HS2 rotors for those who want to try it all. Each size jumps represents a 14% advantage in power.

Two pad options

Organic brake pads offer a strong initial bite and less overall noise. Sintered brake pads have more resistance to sustained heat and offer better performance in wet or muddy conditions. With the Expert Box, you get both.