Bike Liv Tempt 20 One Size AI Blue

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From Rips Around the Neighbourhood to Family Trail Rides

Introducing our kid-sized mountain bike, specifically designed for young riders. With a frame geometry and components tailored for a confident ride, it's perfect for expanding their skills while having fun.

Key Performance Factors

  • Off-Road Control: The Tempt 20 features a lower bottom bracket, providing a lowered center of gravity that enhances stability and control. This design empowers kids to navigate diverse terrains with confidence. The low standover height makes mounting and dismounting effortless, boosting young riders' confidence.

  • Kid-Sized Components: Tailored for smaller hands, the Tempt 20 includes smaller-diameter handlebars and short-reach brake levers for better grip and control. The addition of shorter cranks ensures smooth pedaling and minimizes the risk of pedal strikes during cornering, offering a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

  • Kid-Friendly Features: Equipped with a kickstand, mini-fender, and bell, the Tempt 24 is packed with fun features. It's perfect for commuting to school, trail adventures, and family outings, making every ride an exciting journey.